Welcome Veterans

  • Are you a Veteran from any service branch?
  • Do you want to use your military training in a civilian medical career? 
  • Do you have the motivation and focus to learn someting new to change the rest of your life? 
  • Answered all Yes to above?  This program is for you!!

SFC Heather Flores presenting Vietnam Veteran hat to Mr. Barocas in front of an old Huey chopper at the Army Medical Museum in Ft. Sam Houston.
625 Sixth Ave So St. Petersburg, FL 33701

You have the best training and experience.  Now you can use and expand on your military training to start a new career as an Orthopedic Technologist. 

The program includes a one week hands-on workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida plus 50 hours of home study.  You learn how to cast and splint acute injuries as well as practice orthopedic bracing for injuries, diseases and sports.

Local hospitals and orthopedic practices are in need of trained medical assistants who can assist in casting and bracing of orthopedic injuries and diseases.   You will become the "go to" person.

The program is at no cost to you.  But there are the usual travel expenses spending a few nights away from home and the usual transportation costs to St. Petersburg or other workshop cities.  

The VOTC is NOT associated with the Veterans Administration in any way.   You will NOT use any veteran's educational benefits you may have for attending this program.    We want you to save those benefits for future college attendance as   you move up in the orthopedic field. 

The program is being started by Charles Barocas, former Army medic and Vietnam Veteran.  Forty-six years ago he returned from Vietnam and recieved a big break.  The Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City gave him a full scholarship to attend a two year program.    This changed his life for the next 45 years.   Now he wants to pay it back and started the VOTC.