Corporate Financial Sponsorships

The true cost of this training is over $800.00 per Veteran with most of this cost going to orthopedic consumable supplies (the casting materials), travel expenses and fixed costs of equipment and the teaching facility.  All instruction is provided at no cost by The American Society of Orthopedic Professionals and their staff of experienced Orthopedic Technologists.   

Your corporate financial sponsorship will allow us to provide this training and is tax deductible.  The VOTC is a 501(c)(3) corporation under IRS tax rules. 

A dedicated sponsor page will be available on this website as well as your logo on the sponsor wall at the facility.  You are invited to come by the center and see where your sponsorship monies go.

Orthopedic Industry Employment Sponsors

These are the 17,000 hospitals and private orthopedic practices that will be providing jobs for our Veteran graduates.   Currenty there is a severe shortage of trained allied medical professionals with the orthopedic skillset.  Most hospitals and orthopedic practices have needed to provide on the job training at great cost.  Under new government rules this is now limited.  Outside training and certification is now required.  The VOTC grad meets these new requirements.

In addition to cost savings in training, hospitals and orthopedic practices may be eligble for a $6000.00 tax credit for hiring a Veteran.  Most  Veterans attending the course will be referred by their local hospital or orthopedic practice to attend and will have a job waiting for them back home.  Their previous experience plus new knowledge of casting, splinting and bracing make them a valuable addition to any orthopedic practice or hospital emergency room.

Donations & Volunteers  

Donations from individuals are tax deductable and appreciated.    Or, if you are a retired orthopedic surgeon or technologist and would like to donate a day of assisting in instruction, please contact us.

A "Donate Now" link will be available on this page in the future.  All donations are tax deductible.

Thank you 3M for your $5000.00+ donation of fiberglass casting tape